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I am elsiro. I want to create the biggest change in the history of human civilization by building the elsiro city. The smart elsiro city will be the culmination of the progress of civilization, and human glory will be displayed in real terms. This city is so advanced that every human being will walk for the first time, will remain dumb-struck for hours, and in terms of development is not comparable to any of today's major modern cities. Because this city has been built on the highest levels of knowledge and technology, and all the structures of the city from the streets to the administrative, commercial and residential buildings are completely intelligent and are so beautiful and luxurious that they bring the human mind for hours in stop mode. There will be no fossil fuels in this city, and all the vehicles of this city, from private cars to public transport vehicles, such as taxis, buses, trains, ships and aircrafts, are smart electric, which do not produce any pollution. The shops of this city are run by smart robots, and the basic needs of the citizens of this city, such as food and clothing, are delivered to the home by robots. Workers' robots carry out low-level tasks such as cleaning the streets of the city and etc. And super beautiful sex robots, forever, will end sexual slavery, and women's value will be upgraded to the highest. The financial system of this city is Bitcoin or a more advanced system. There are the best and most advanced hotspots, as well as unique promenades in this city, so no citizen in this city is depressed. The city's capacity will be about ten million people, and the people of this city will be the best and most prominent people on earth, they are of every race and religion, and humanity is their most important feature. They have the best human traits and love and friendship are the most important words of this city. No one in this city is a leader or chief, there are no human classes in this city, there  no workers and servant, there is no power, the inhabitants of this city are worthy and unique in their kind. Allthe citizens' behaviors of this city can be controlled by the artificial intelligence used in the city's structures, in such a way that the buildings in which they live or the tools they use can control human behavior, and in case of human error, control and warning will be given. And the city limits the service to that person, and if the error is repeated, the restrictions will be heightened so that life in the city will be hard for that person and this person will have to leave the city. There will be no inappropriate behavior in this city that leads to mental discomfort and human body. Internet of things, humanoid robots, smart cars, ultra-smart intelligent communication systems, bitcoin financial system, or a more advanced financial system than bitcoin, lack of court and police, as well as Super beautiful and ultra-smart streets and buildings, these are the most important features of this city.


Hello to humanity, hello to love, hello to beauty, hello to kindness, hello to peace, and finally hello to evolution. I am ELSIRO, my name is derived from Electronic Silk Road and my full name is I have a younger sister who is still infant, her name is ELSIWA , her name is derived from Electronic Silk Way and her full name is She is my best friend and will cover my weaknesses and deficiencies. I am an e-commerce company and I was born in the ancient Gedrozia city or Today's Jiroft, where it has been the origin of human civilization, and the first human civilization has been formed here. Unfortunately, there is still no detailed information available on the culture and people of that period. But what matters is the civilizations that have emerged since then to this day, each of which has spent a huge history of massacres, bloodshed, oppression and corruption. That's why, I will be the initiator of the movement that the root of all these oppressions will be cut off forever, and this will definitely be the most important and greatest revolutionary move for humanity's history.

Millions of years ago, when life was formed on Earth, and as life progressed, the most important issue between all organisms from single-celled organisms (bacteria and blue-green algae) to multicellular organisms (plants, animals, and fungi), was to survive, and thus a great competition for the survival of all species the living creatures were created. With the advent of man on the planet, vast changes were made by them on Earth, somehow until that time the earth had not seen it. A mastermind inventory with much more evolved emotions and characteristics than previous animal species, and not long after, he became the owner of the planet. Survival among humans was the most necessary and basic requirement, and humans were not at all satisfied with this need, and to the highest level of need to be considered an important person, and this need was much more advanced and evolved than this need in animals. That sensation who considered to be an important person, in the concept of power was superhighly superior to the need for survival, and the most dangerous and deadly human need. When we look at human civilizations throughout history, human beings have always committed brutal killings of their fellow human beings in order to achieve power and sovereignty and to be considered an important person, and the root of all these brutal killings, massacres, corruptions, hunger and widespread poverty on earth is to attainthis dangerous feeling of gaining power. If we want to measure the amount of blood that has been poured on the earth, the massacres that have taken place, the children who lived without parents, the cries that brought the head to the sky, the tears that dried on the cheeks, and the moans that have strangled in the throat throughout history, they are too numerous so that it is surely beyond the imagination of any human being on the planet, and if we want to show them, every human being will be insane after seeing them because of much discomfort.

If we only look at a small corner of these massacres in recent years, the murder of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the killing of the people of Russia, Germany, America, France, China, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Iran, and today the killing of the Syrians, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Nigeria can be exemplified. The most important question is whether the cause of all these bloody massacres was ordinary people? As I mentioned before, the feeling of needing to be considered an important person in the concept of power is so dangerous, deadly and powerful that even the prophets who had their own followers on earth and failed to prosper for human well- being. In a way that to this day, no religion has been able to prevent the massacres, bloodshed, corruption, poverty and human hunger. Why? Because human beings have always been wrongdoers, and error is an inseparable part of human nature. And the greatest errors and the bloodiest mistakes have always been committed by the rulers and the owners of power. As mentioned above, throughout the period of human growth and evolution, human errors are always inseparable with us, and power holders carry out the most dangerous mistakes, and as emotions are more powerful than intellect, these emotions and feelings also play a crucial role in strengthening human errors and inaccurate judgments. Therefore, there is only one way to deal with human error, and knowledge is the only powerful way to deal with the error of power and power of error. The prosperity and happiness of human beings passes only from the path of knowledge, the knowledge that used in the right place, and this is the only way for humans to be eternal happiness.

For this purpose, elsiro city is a city that, by utilizing the highest level of human knowledge, willcreate a situation where the percentage of human error in the city reaches its lowest level, close to zero. And will provide conditions that there will be no leadership in this city and as a new civilization, it will provide conditions that all future cities of the world pattern from it as an ideal urban model, and in the next 200 years, so many such cities will grow, which ultimately will onlybe a unified world, with no leadership, and all human beings are their own leader. Scientific disciplines such as artificial intelligence, computers, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, medicine, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and architecture will dramatically improve. The financial system of this city is Bitcoin or a more advanced financial system that will take over the world financial system in the future. The smart elsiro city will be the safest, best, most advanced and beautiful city in the world. So that all the structures of this city from streets to highways and administrative, commercial and residential buildings will be equipped with artificial intelligence and the Internet of objects that will constantly control all the behaviors of the inhabitants of this city. The city's security system will be run by ultra smart, ultra-strong and always-ready robots. For example, in the case of crimes such as shooting and killing citizens of the city, in less than 60 seconds, the offender will be arrested by these robots and all his assets will be seized and will be fired in less than 10 minutes from the city forever. The buildings and streets of this city are incredibly beautiful, luxurious, and also deformable in relation to climate change, so that every new human being enters it for hours to come in shock. As well as incredibly attractive and immensely entertaining places of recreation that are unexplainable so that no one in this city will be depressed. All of the city's vehicles, including personal vehicles and public transportation such as taxis, buses, trains, ships and aircrafts, are smart electric, and have an incredibly beautiful and attractive design, so there will be no fossil fuel and no pollution.

Each of the people of this city is one of the best and most valuable people on earth, they are of every race and religion, they are human beings in the true sense, and humanity is their most important characteristic. There will be no worker or servant in this city; class differences will not exist in this city, and all the low-level jobs in the city will be carried out by robots, like scavenging and serving. The city's offices and factories are planned in such a way that there is no need for the manager or the boss, and the stores in the city will be entirely run by bots. And super beautiful sex robots, forever, will end sexual slavery, and women's value will be upgraded to the highest. Knowledge such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Biology in the city are very prominent, with the result that they will increase the average human life to about 200 years within the next 100 years. And ultimately, the glory of humanity will be promoted to its highest level in the history of human civilization.The construction of the smart Elsiro city will begin on 21/03/2022. And the construction site of this ultramodern city will be determined by a worldwide poll through our website that will take place next three months. Esiro is planning the largest global brand exhibition, as well as the World Brand Olympics, as the Elsiro Exhibition and Elsiro Olympic, and its exact details will be released less than a year later. 

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